Garland Menu and Food

Laura - our Nursery Cook - Level 3 Food, Safety & Hygiene in catering and achieved a 5* Food Hygiene Rating. Level 2 HACCP and Food Allergy Awareness Training. Level 3 Early Years Childcare

We are lucky enough to have an in-house cook at Little Beans Garland. Laura serves fresh homemade nutritious meals all day long. We are extremely proud to share with you that our Garland Road site has a food hygiene rating of 5 by environmental health.

"Hello I'm Laura and I love working in a childcare environment. I have had 9 years childcare experience that include working in babies toddler and pre school room. I love making the day fun and exciting and seeing their little faces light up when they are having fun. I started to like cooking during lockdown and I love making meals that children eat and enjoy. I like working at Little Beans as they have made me feel very welcomed and I look forward to the rest of my time there!”

Daily Meals at Little Beans Garland

All meals are prepared on the day, using fresh healthy ingredients by our very own Little Beans in house cook. A vegetarian option is available, if preferred, and all allergies and any other dietary requirements are followed.
All recipes and allergen information available on request.

Garland's Rolling Menu - Summer 2024

LunchAfternoon tea
MondayChicken and mushroom pie served with mashed potato
Dessert: Lemon drizzle cake
Buttered crumpets served with ham and carrots
Pudding: Pineapple
TuesdayBeef and vegetable bolognaise with spaghetti
Dessert: Coconut oat bar
Rice cakes served with humous and cucumber
Pudding: Banana
WednesdayVegetarian tagine served with couscous
Dessert: Cherry and chocolate brownie
Pitta bread served with chicken and peppers
Pudding: Kiwi fruit
ThursdayBreaded fish served with wedges and beans
Dessert: Melon medley
Ham sandwiches served with cherry tomatoes
Pudding: Pear
FridaySausage dinner served with roast potatoes, vegetables and stuffing
Dessert: Apricot cake
Cheese wraps served with peppers
Pudding: Plum
LunchAfternoon tea
MondayCottage pie served wth onions and mixed vegetables
Dessert: Jam tart
Beans on toast served with peppers
Pudding: Plum
TuesdayFish served with dauphinoise potatoes and peas
Dessert: Lemon drizzle cake
Cheese sandwiches served with cherry tomatoes
Pudding: Pineapple
WednesdayCoconut and lime chicken served with rice
Dessert: Fruit cake
Chicken wraps served with cucumber sticks
Pudding: Banana
ThursdayGammon dinner served with roast potatoes, vegetables and stuffing
Dessert: Cranberry flapjack
Tuna mayonnaise sandwiches served with cucumber
Pudding: Oranges
FridaySeasonal vegetable soup with orzo pasta
Dessert: Mixed berry muffin
Breadsticks served with ham, pepper and dip
Pudding: Pear
LunchAfternoon tea
MondayRoot vegetable curry served with rice
Dessert: Carrot cookie
Tuna mayonnaise pasta with sweetcorn and cucumber
Pudding: Banana
TuesdaySausages, mash and vegetables served with onion gravy
Dessert: Jam sponge
Buttered crumpets served with carrot sticks
Pudding: Plum
WednesdayChicken dinner served with stuffing, roast potatoes and vegetables.
Dessert: Courgette biscuit
Rice cakes served with chicken and salad
Pudding: Pineapple
ThursdayTomato and sardine pasta
Dessert: Apple and banana cake
Cracker bread with cream cheese, carrots and cucumber
Pudding: Pear
FridayBeef chilli con carne with potato wedges
Dessert: Blueberry flapjack
Flatbread served with ham and tomatoes
Pudding: Oranges
LunchAfternoon tea
MondayChicken and vegetable pasta
Dessert: Chocolate and parsnip cake
Ham wraps served with tomatoes
Pudding: Oranges
TuesdayRoast gammon, served with roast potatoes, vegetables and stuffing
Dessert: Orange and raisin flapjack
Tuna mayonnaise pasta with sweetcorn and cucumber
Pudding: Banana
WednesdayMediterranean vegetarian medley served with wedges
Dessert: Strawberry Tart
Corned beef sandwiches served with carrot sticks
Pudding: Plum
ThursdayLamb bolognaise served with spaghetti
Dessert: Lemon drizzle cake
Crumpets served with chicken and tomatoes
Pudding: Pineapple
FridayFish curry served with rice
Dessert: Coconut shortbread
Crackers served with cheese and cucumber
Pudding: Pear

Meal Timetable

ROLLING BREAKFAST – 7.30am -9.00am

A selection of cereals and fruit with milk and water

LUNCH – 11.30am

Hot freshly prepared meals please see our menu above. There is a copy you can download from our Library section too

or healthy lunch box (if preferred)


Fresh fruit with water or milk to drink


Freshly prepared light meals
Meals include home made soup, sandwiches, jacket potatoes, crumpets and crackers and vegetables - see our Tea menu in the Library section.

Please speak to a member of the Little Beans team if you have any further questions.