Little Beans Garland was designed with a specific vision by the two owners with learning and the environment at the very heart of their project - Little Beans Garland. Every inch designed and set out to maximise free flow and play opportunities for all our Little Beans.

Little Beans Garland is situated in a purpose built building that offers a large, spacious room with high ceilings that has been transformed in true Little Beans style to promote high quality learning opportunities in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage. Little Beans Garland is an inspiring environment with a clever combination of spaces interconnected and offering the very best resources,  role play areas, a library, arts and crafts, messy play, sensory play, relaxation, dance/yoga area, maths corner and plenty of floor space for day to day activities allowing our little beans to explore learn and grow. This great space is all covered with our vibrant, signature candy-striped flooring that is fun for little beans hygienic and gentle on their feet and hands during play and crawling.

A large section of our open space is given exclusively to our baby beans who can share the fun and action of the larger beans whilst enjoying their own age specific activities and focus within their area. Our baby beans have their own sleep room which contains 9 cots with designated blankets and cot sheets and is a calm tranquil area for baby sleep times. We can accommodate up to 9 babies only in this area and in this way our babies enjoy individual care and attention. We then have space for up to 49 little beans aged 2 -5 years old. We also offer wrap around care for Longfleet School providing a breakfast club and drop to school and then a pick up and tea/play time after school.

We are extremely fortunate to have a large commercial kitchen where we have our very own Little Beans cook, Claire, who cooks hot meals and snacks for both our Little Beans’ sites. The nursery is filled with the aroma of home cooked cuisine and our Little Beans can watch their food being prepared and cooked all day long as well as take part in weekly cooking lessons.

At Garland Road, our babies and older beans spend mealtimes sat all together; enjoying, sharing, socialising and learning with one another during this vital part of the daily routine. Mealtimes are an extremely important part of our Little Beans routine and being a great opportunity to extend communication and language skills with our team. Just as much as family mealtimes at home are important, we can easily see the benefits of regular mealtimes spent with their friends both on a social and emotional development levels as well as improving fine motor skills. Our Little Beans team are on hand to help and support the Little Beans to develop these skills and to help our Little Beans to grow more independent.

Our outdoor area has a separate space for babies which is laid with artificial grass to allow babies to crawl and explore age specific play equipment all year round. They have their own access gate too for drop off and pick-ups to make this time easier for our parents. The older Little Beans also have a great outdoor space that is laid with artificial grass and which is well equipped within a secure fenced area surrounding the nursery. We have the very best resources inside and out that enables us to have an extensive range of continuous provision covering all areas of the curriculum in a fun bright environment. We use free flow daily all year round. 

We do breakfast and after school clubs for Longfleet Primary School every day!

All members of the team at Little Beans are committed to undertaking ongoing development and training. We regularly attend courses to keep improving and hold regular team meetings to share information and provide feedback on any courses that we attend.

Emma - Manager 

"I am the Manager of Little Beans Garland, I have over 10 years experience working with children and families in a range of settings, from charities to academies and children centres. I have experience of being a SENCO and Safeguarding Officer and hold a Level 5 Foundation degree in Early Years.

I believe all children should have the same start in life and be able to flourish as individuals. At Little Beans we create an enabling environment with caring and skilled staff to ensure all children reach their full potential. My role as Manager is to ensure all children at Little Beans make progress through positive interactions and play based learning and activities, whilst ensuring all children are safe and building upon their personal, social and emotional development."

Qualification: Level 5 foundation degree in Early Years

Amy- Deputy Manager & Pre-school Room Leader: 3 and 4's Room

I am the deputy manager of Little Beans and my role is to support Emma in the day to day running of the nursery and to ensure all children are achieving the best possible outcomes

I have been working with children for a number of years in both school and nursery environments. My passion is to do everything I can to support children to learn and develop in the ways they are most comfortable and provide opportunities for them to do this within play. I have worked with babies through to children aged in their early teens and I am working towards my BA(Hons) in Early Childhood Education to enhance my knowledge. I pride myself in maintaining positive relationships with both children and parents and I am keen to get stuck in with messy play activities!"

Qualification: Level 6 in Early Years - BA degree in Early Childhood Studies

Samuel - Deputy Manager & SENCO

"I have a passion for working with children, to share with them the joy that can be found in the world around us. I take pride in my high standard of work, encouraging and ensuring all children can grow and to give them a safe environment in which to do so. My experiences of working with children are diverse and vary greatly; from a one-to-one role, to working with larger groups of children with varying needs. Currently training on Senco. Level 3 safeguarding"

Qualification: NVQ Level 3 diploma in childcare

Sonya - Baby room leader - Level 3 - On Maternity Leave

"I have worked with children aged 0-5years for almost 15years now, mostly in nurseries for long periods of time, but also abroad and including a little experience as an agency worker. I pride myself on fantastic relationships with parents to ensure the best care for their children, who are ultimately their whole world. I enjoy creating a fun, safe and caring environment for these little ones to grow and always like making memories with arts/craft activities, getting messy and singing/dancing. In my spare time I love living near the beach for walks and watching a lot of movies at the cinema."

Qualification: Level 3 in children's education

Kasia  - Preschool Practitioner (Level 3 Early Years) 

“I am passionate about childcare, each day is unique for me, just like a child. I believe that we are all capable of doing and learning new things in our own time, place and style. I am very creative, fun and a dependable person with experiences from the children’s centres, nurseries, clubs, schools and Au Pair in America Programme. I am a happy mother of a bilingual girl; an example of a family where a child grows happily and learns two languages (Polish and English) at the same time. I am one of the organizers of the First Polish Library for Polish Children and Families in Poole and area (Central Library) and I was successfully co-leading a Polish Speaking Group ‘’Szkrab Poole’’ at the Old Town Children Centre."

Qualifications: Level 3 in children's education - early years

Maria  - Family worker - Level 3 child care Practitioner 

"I have 5 children and 3 grandchildren and a new granddaughter who was born only in February 2018. As if that's not enough to keep me busy and young at heart I have for the past 23 years run my child-minding business from home, alongside 17 years fostering children, many whom have had disabilities. I thrive on supporting children achieving their goals, knowing that each achievement is unique to them. I enjoy working alongside parents, carers and all professionals involved in nurturing the children to be individuals and seeing them flourish, and achieve. Being a childcare practitioner is the best job ever. I aim to not only bring all my knowledge and experiences into Little Beans but for myself to grow and flourish alongside the little beans. When I'm not working my husband and I love being in the outdoors, walking, cycling, camping, and spending time with our family."

Qualifications: Level 3 in children's education & Level 3 Therapeutic Skills

Jess  - Baby Room Leader - maternity cover

“I have over 5 and a half years of experience in childcare and have been at Little Beans for over 3 years. I am passionate about childcare and want to ensure that all children are given the best start and opportunities in life. I enjoy creating stimulating activities to help children strive. I’m very enthusiastic and friendly, and love to get involved in children’s activities (messy play especially!) Being able to watch children learn and grow is incredible, and I’m proud to be a part of each of their journeys

Qualification: Level 3 in children's education

Kerrie - 2 year olds' room leader (Level 3 Early Years)

I have always loved working with children and watching them develop. I come from a big family with lots of small children who I spend a lot of time with. I feel I work best when being creative, and children love getting creative! I am looking forward to putting b my experience into practice here at Little Beans to help the children grow and develop.”

Qualification: NVQ level 3 in childcare

Katie - Preschool Practitioner (Level 2 Early Years)

I have always had an interest in working with children and have always loved looking after and babysitting my young cousins. I finished school a few years ago and I recently completed my Level 2 in childcare. I am really excited to put what I learnt from my apprenticeship into practice here at Little Beans.

Qualification: NVQ Level 2 in childcare

Laura - Baby Room Practitioner (Level 3 Early Years)

I love children and I am so excited to be around them. I have worked previously with a little boy, and that made me realise that this is my path. I believe that childhood is the most beautiful part of life, and for me, childhood offers many big opportunities in terms of my career. To spend quality time with the children and seeing them grow up is amazing, and that makes me feel good about myself and my role.

Qualification: NVQ level 3 in childcare

Chanaleah- Pre-school room apprentice (working towards Level 2 Early Years)

Childhood is a very important time of a person's life, and being able to help a child to learn and grow can be so rewarding! I have a passion to work with children and help them learn in their own way. I couldn't be anymore pleased and excited to work with all of the Little Beans children, creating the best environment for them alongside my colleagues.

Qualification: Working towards Level 2 NVQ in Early Years childcare 

Louise - Preschool Practitioner (Level 3 Early Years)

From an early age I have always wanted to work with children. I have lots of young children in my family that I love spending time with and they are the reason I want to succeed in childcare.

I love being part of the Little Beans team

Qualification:  NVQ level 3 in childcare

Natalie - Preschool Apprentice 

I come from a big family and have always loved being around children. I am a very creative individual and enjoy doing arts and crafts activities. I also very much enjoy exercising. I am currently focusing on my childcare apprenticeship at Little Beans and am looking forward to working towards my NVQ Level 3 qualification.

Qualification: Working towards NVQ level 3 in childcare

Annabelle - 2 year old's Apprentice 

I have always had children around me, being the eldest of four. I have always found myself busy entertaining and looking after children. There is never a boring day with children, with each being individually interesting and unique, it is hard to not love being around them. I am studying to complete my level 3 in childcare and I am so excited to work here at Little Beans with an amazing team and great children

Qualification: Working towards NVQ level 3 in childcare

Chloe - Office Administrator

“I have worked in administration roles for the last 5 years including a childcare environment. I have previously completed an apprenticeship in business administration, and gained an NVQ level 2 and 3 in business administration. I am a very bubbly and friendly person and I am super happy to be part of the Little Beans team as office administrator/support.”

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