Little Beans moving on to Big School

July 2022 Newsletter
28th June 2022
Summer time!!
28th June 2022

This month, children who are leaving for school in September will be learning all about school readiness and practicing their skills. Not only does school readiness involve physical skills such as dressing themselves and attending to own hygiene practices, but emotions play a huge role too! We will be doing lots of talking about school to try to ensure as smooth a transition as possible and discuss any emotions your Little Bean has around moving to big school – excitement or nervousness! It is essential to be working on all sorts of gross motor
skills as this will help to develop fine motor skills – do some crawling, or teddy bear rolls! These movements get both sides of our brain working together which is imperative in developing much finer skills such as drawing and writing!
Those children who are not yet going to school will be working on their independence such as putting shoes on and off themselves and doing lots of mark making! These are the crucial building blocks for school readiness! We will also be working on developing children’s awareness of transitions and changes, lots of children will be moving rooms soon and we want them to feel as confident as they can!