Home grown Little Beans!

June Newsletter
2nd April 2020

Ideas for home!

As there are many Little Beans that are not with us, we thought parents might like some ideas of things they can do at home with their children. At Little Beans, we have structured time. However, children learn best through everyday play centered around their areas of interest. Most learning takes place not sat down at a table but by being up on their feet exploring!

  • Counting the rubber ducks in the bath and playing with jugs, learning about shape, space and measure.
  • Balancing household objects e.g sponges, small pots, cups.
  • Tipping and pouring at the sink whilst helping wash up, you can do counting, filling and emptying.
  • Counting the stairs as they walk up and down.
  • Make an indoor obstacle course.
  • Make an indoor den or one in the garden.
  • Use everyday maths language. e.g: small, tall, big, long, wide.
  • Make up words or do counting with magnetic fridge numbers at the children’s eye level.
  • Collecting leaves when you are out and about on your daily walk, counting them, talking about the size of them and where they come from – trees grow, but what do they need? Water, sunshine etc.
  • Singing nursery rhyme songs, e.g: 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive and 5 little ducks went swimming one day etc.
  • Read stories and ask your children to recall the events in the story and the characters.
  • Putting their own clothing on e.g socks, shoes, coat etc.
  • Paint a picture and talk about the colours, you can even mix your own – discussing how to make certain colours e.g red + blue = purple and blue + yellow = green. You can talk about what they have created – was it a picture of someone special to them? And you can talk about how they created it – did they use circles or lines?
  • Drawing pictures with pencils – honing in on their pencil grip.
  • The most important one (we think!) is to have fun!