Introducing the online learning journey Tapestry!

Poole Children’s Centre Timetable (West Poole)
13th October 2018

We have introduced the online learning journey Tapestry. We have set this up and all of the children have profiles, the purpose of online learning journeys means that the staff have more time with the children as they are not out of ratio’s completing paperwork but are capturing on the spot learning. The staff have use of a handheld tablet so that they can photograph or take small videos of the children during an activity. The activity is then linked to the EYFS and tracked using the online system for each individual child. This allows us to instantly track where every child is in their development. The learning journey will be linked to your email, so you will receive an activation email from Tapestry which you must log onto within 48 hours in order to be able to log on using the tapestry app and look at your child’s learning journey whenever you want to, giving you a more hands on approach as well. You will choose your own password for this. We do stress that you must not screen shot or share the photos etc to social media. There may be other children in the photos and although we have your permission for this I must express that you cannot put pictures of other children on social media. As parents you also now have the option to add to your child’s learning journey via the app. You can take your own photos of what they have been up to whilst not at nursery and write a bit about it. This helps to enrich your child learning journey and also helps us to track their interests and therefor support them in the setting.  We hope you enjoy using the app and find this a benefit, if you need any support with it then please do ask Lauren, Emma or Amy.